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The Face Firming Fitness Device


An All Inclusive Gym For Your Face

Our body needs exercise and so does our face. Tua Face Fitness offers you the chance to stay away from the needles and surgery with a non-invasive approach to reverse the look of aging for a radiant, fresh, and youthful you.

You’ll love the results! Our micro-current electrostimulation face firming device retrains your facial muscles to be toned and tight while restoring youthful plumpness and softness. You’ll find the experience relaxing and rejuvenating - no pain, no downtime. With continued usage, results can be immediately noticed. For both men and women, Tua Face Fitness redefines your appearance and helps bring your inner beauty out to shine.

Put your best face forward with Tua Face Fitness: A sensible way to anti-age that delivers fast and long-lasting results.

TUA Face Fitness -
The Proven, Effective, Non-Surgical Device to Help Restore Your Face

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• Restore and define your facial symmetry
• Reduce facial sagging and jowls
• Smooth out wrinkles
• Diminish dark circles and eye bags
• Tighten sagging jaw lines and double chin
• Lift and revitalize droopy brows and upper eye area
• Diminish crow’s feet
• Plump flat cheeks
• Firm your skin

A Complete Gym For Your Face

TUA Face Fitness exercises the muscles to tighten up your face, resulting in a glowing and fresh-looking appearance! With regular use of the TUA Face Fitness, you can expect noticeable results within one to two weeks.

For lasting effects, make TUA Face Fitness part of your lifestyle!

The Wand

TUA Face Fitness features a special patented electrode wand that is ergonomically designed for optimum positioning on all facial areas.  The mobility and flexibility of the 2 stainless-steel electrodes means they can adapt and have perfect contact with the bends and contours of the different physical configurations of the face and neck.

The electrodes are covered by special cellulose medical grade sponges which are hand-washable.  Just wet the sponges with water before your treatment.  It's as simple as that!

Before & After 

Clinically proven, physician endorsed, independent third party test, non-surgical and simple to use.
CE mark for conformity, FDA-cleared for safety, efficacy and performance.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our devices directly contracts and tones your muscles creating a more youthful appearing face and neck.
Get your face fit now with TUA Face Fitness!

“My face feels rejuvenated and my skin looks fresh and more vibrant! After using Tua Face Fitness, I feel and look 10 years younger. My lines have diminished significantly, especially the crow’s feet around my eyes seem to be softened up. I really love the way I look!”

- Julie B., Dallas, TX

“I've tried many gadgets that didn't live up to the promises..Tua Face Fitness delivers! ”

- Susan M.

“All I can say is ......I am no longer trapped in my old face..............Thank you. x”

- Jayne Alv

“I took the plunge and I have been absolutely thrilled by the results. You need to commit to actually using it on a regular basis but it's so easy... I am 49 and I am continually mistaken for 30s. No surgery just Tua Face Fitness. Go on take the plunge!”

- Donna Yardley

“A quality face workout device that will serve my needs over a long period of time...”

- Adam Trevino

Try It With Our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You should see noticeable difference in your appearance in the first 7 - 14 days.
With youthful, radiant, and truly-natural skin to gain, and close to nothing to lose
– what are you waiting for?
Make your purchase today!

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