Van Bui

"My daughter gifted me the Tua Face Fitness device. I though I was beyond help as I am 85 years old. After exercising my face for about 4 months, we took another picture to compare. The results have proved me wrong. I'm very happy of my look and my skin vitality."

Mark P

"As a skeptic and a curious engineer, I put Tua Face Fitness to the test. I focused on my cheek area with deep folds and worked the heck out of my face muscles. Note the temporary redness. Like magic, the wrinkles soften with prolong usage."

Beverly K

Tua Face Fitness works!

Stacy Jagger

"Tua Face Fitness has giving me so much confidence to the way I look. Thank you!"

Lauren Y

"I'm a techy and my eyes are constantly strained from being on the computer. Started to use Tua Face Fitness to massage and relax the muscles around my eyes. Didn't realize it helps with my crows feet also! "

Richard C

"As a cyclist and fitness instructor, exercising to stay healthy and fit is the pinnacle of my beliefs. I had no hesitation to try out Tua Face Fitness for my face . I feel and see my face got tighter after exercising with it 5 days a week for almost a month."