Our devices directly contracts and tones your muscles creating a more youthful appearing face and neck.
Get your face fit now with TUA Face Fitness!

- Val Russon, Boston
“I think it may be really working! It’s easy to use; I turn it on when I am watching TV, and my face feels somehow vitalized when I am finished. I thought it was a little expensive, but I am coming to believe it was a deal.”
- Michelle M., Colorado
“It works. I’m 46 and my jowls were starting to bug me. Now they are 90% gone. If you don’t use it regularly “they” will come back.”
- Steve K., California
“Muscles are muscles no matter where they are, your body or your face, they response same. If you exercise them, they will get stronger, toner and tighter. Hands down it works!”
- D. Morris, 57, Cambridgeshire
“It’s very unusual to buy a product and find that it meets all that it claims to do so - I’m so glad I did! Many thanks to you and all your team.”
- Haruko Neal
“I do like how it works on my face, easy to use, once you kind of learn how to use it.”
- Cathelyn M., New Jersey
“My face feels rejuvenated and my skin looks fresh and more vibrant. My lines have diminished significantly, especially the crow’s feet around my eye areas seem to be soften up. I really love the way I look. Thank you.”
- Lindsay P., Ft Lauderdale, FL
“This is a brilliant tool, easy to use, good DVD guide and great results. I have only had this a few days and it has improved the look of my face…. You do need to keep it up just like going to the gym! Sit ups for the face!! Brilliant!"
- Linda Irvin, Monterey CA
"OMG!! I love, love, love this little Tua Face Fitness machine! It literally diminishes my dark circles and tired looking face in just a few weeks of used…"