“I think it may be really working! It’s easy to use; I turn it on when I am watching TV, and my face feels somehow vitalized when I am finished. I thought it was a little expensive, but I am coming to believe it was a deal.” 

- Val Russon, Boston

“It works. I’m 46 and my jowls were starting to bug me. Now they are 90% gone. If you don’t use it regularly “they” will come back.”

- Michelle M., Colorado

“Muscles are muscles no matter where they are, your body or your face, they response same. If you exercise them, they will get stronger, toner and tighter. Hands down it works!”

- Steve K., California

“It’s very unusual to buy a product and find that it meets all that it claims to do so - I’m so glad I did!  Many thanks to you and all your team.”

- D. Morris, 57, Cambridgeshire

“I do like how it works on my face, easy to use, once you kind of learn how to use it.”

- Haruko Neal

“My face feels rejuvenated and my skin looks fresh and more vibrant. My lines have diminished significantly, especially the crow’s feet around my eye areas seem to be soften up. I really love the way I look. Thank you.”

- Cathelyn M., New Jersey

“This is a brilliant tool, easy to use, good DVD guide and great results. I have only had this a few days and it has improved the look of my face…. You do need to keep it up just like going to the gym! Sit ups for the face!! Brilliant!"

- Lindsay P., Ft Lauderdale, FL

"OMG!! I love, love, love this little Tua Face Fitness machine! It literally diminishes my dark circles and tired looking face in just a few weeks of used…"

- Linda Irvin, Monterey CA

“All I can say is ......I am no longer trapped in my old face..............Thank you. X”

- Jayne Alv

“This smart little facial workout machine is my frequent go to. I now can’t live without it. It saves me time and loads of money from getting fillers. It just makes sense…"

- Monica R., Beverly Hills, CA 

“Just like any exercise program, the key is to have patience and keep it consistent. You WILL see improvements on your face…”

- Richard K., San Juan Capistrano, CA

""I took the plunge and I have been absolutely thrilled by the results. You need to commit to actually using it on a regular basis but it’s so easy in front of the TV. I am 49 and I am continually mistaken for being in the 30's. No surgery just Tua Face Fitness. Go on take the plunge!"

- Mrs Yousaf, Oxford

“Just wanted to say how much I love my Tua Face fitness. Bought it 3 months ago & used it each day since with great results that I can see for myself as well as friends commenting that I look so good.”

- Linda G., Austin, TX

“I’ve been using it now for 2 months, 4 times a week and am so happy with the results especially around the eye areas, which now look firmer, uplifted and smoother. My lips don’t feel like they’re drooping at the corners anymore, and I keep running my fingers along the jaw line because it feels so much smoother and tighter than before. All in all, I look forward to my facial exercising time while watching TV in the evening. It’s easy to use and feels good too…”

- Maggie Liu, San Francisco, CA

“I am an avid Tua Viso user since 1997. I just upgraded to the newer model, Tua Face Fitness, and it is a perfect facial exerciser tool for me because it is not just user friendly but also cost effective. Since it’s so light and discreet and requires just tap water to activate the current conductivity, I can take it anywhere and use it any time. Now approaching 56 years young, I don’t look a day older than my early 40s (from what I’m told by many people when they found out about my age☺). I give credit to this fabulous facial device and I’m so glad that I started it early. Even so anytime is a good time to start.”

- Catherine T., Los Angeles, CA

“I didn’t believe it at first but WOW it really WORKS! I was a skeptic but desperate because nothing worked for me until I found the Tua Face Fitness. At first, I had little confidence that it’ll live up to its claims but after researching, the muscles stimulation technology makes sense to me. Within the first use, I already saw slight improvements. I decided to give myself a chance and stick to the 5 days per week workout program as the recommendation for first time users. To my amazement, after a few weeks the results on my face have astoundingly changed, my cheekbones and cheeks are now lifted and appear to be rounder and fuller where they used to be flat which made me looking old and tired. My jowls are almost non existence. The 11 lines between my brows are now softer. I guess because I worked out my brows muscles, they’re got stronger and help resist the temptation of frowning. I can literally catch myself where before I didn’t realize I was frowning. The device is much stronger than other devices I’ve used with microcurrent. The contractions of the muscles respond much stronger and I feel like it’s a real facial muscles workout. It takes little time to get used to the strong feelings so I started on low intensity and worked my way up. Now I love the feeling of having like getting a facial massage. I’m very happy with my purchase. Thank you for having it available!”

- Audrey L., St. Paul, MN.