Selective stimulation of muscle group

By positioning the electrodes correctly on the different muscles, a specific stimulation can be achieved on the selected muscle, reducing the activity of the adjacent muscle to a minimum. This is unlike what happens in the case of voluntary ‘manual’ contraction, where the muscles always work according to specific muscle chains and synergies.

Optimum intensity work-out for muscle fibers
By setting electrostimulation intensities that are suited to the targeted muscle group (ie. achieve a comfortable visible contraction), you will achieve an optimum intensity workout - something difficult to achieve through voluntary contraction.
Time/workload efficiencies
It is possible to concentrate a large number of specific intensity stimulations within a short period of time. A high volume of work is achieved that is not otherwise possible within the same time period when performing traditional muscle activity programs.
Fast, noticeable results
With regular use, depending on your starting point, noticeable results can be achieved within weeks or even days!

A firmer, tauter, more lifted looking face and neck will be yours.