Meet your Face Fitness Personal Trainer

Tua Face Fitness optimizes with 5 levels of pre-programmed exercise according to muscle thickness and density targets, contracts and builds up the deep, hidden, less-used muscle fibers of your face - tightening them back into shape. Simply moisten your sponges with water, set your intensity level and place your wand where you want to start your workout.

You can feel your TFF working!

_95% of users saw an overall healthier looking complexions

_87% of users reported visible improvements in facial lift and tone

_80% of ultrasound tests showed improved muscular tone with an average increase thickness of 0.3mm

Is Tua Face Fitness compatible with my other facial products?
Yes, after using your TUA Face Fitness you can apply any facial products. Please remember to use an oil-free cleanser to wash your face before you use your TUA Face Fitness.
How quickly will I see results?
Results are very personal and truly depend on your starting muscle tone. Naturally, individual results are going to vary. Some clients have seen a difference in as little as 2 weeks! Typically, very noticeable results can be seen in the first 3 months
To obtain really good results, how often do I need to use Tua Face Fitness?
To maximize your results, we recommend you use your TUA Face Fitness faithfully for a minimum of 5 workouts per week for the first 3 months. Once you’ve achieved your desired results, we recommend you workout 2-3 times a week for maintenance.

How to use Tua Face Fitness PRO?

in 3 steps

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Step 1 - Switch the device ON

Before using Tua Face Fitness, read the Handbook found in the Tua Face Fitness box carefully. Switch on Tua Face Fitness by keeping the central key pressed down for over 1 second.

Step 2 - Select your program

Tua Face Fitness features 5 workout programs covering different treatment areas of the face and neck. These are selected by means of the right arrow key (forward movement) or the left arrow key (backwards movement). The duration of each program is 2 minutes.

Step 3 - Time to workout

Enjoy in the effortless glide of the wand over every bend and curve of your face and neck. Workout your muscles with the power of electrical currents to stimulate the muscles, making your face appear stronger, tighter and plumper. Meet your personal face fitness trainer and watch instant muscle contractions!

Beauty rediscovered

  • Restore and define your facial symmetry
  • Reduce facial sagging and jowls
  • Plump and round out flat cheeks + give volume to your lips
  • Improve skin texture and elasticity
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boost blood circulation for a healthy glow
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 2 in

2 wands


6, 26, 36


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