Science and beauty goals

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) exploits a natural physiological principle of the body; the brain naturally stimulates muscles to work through electro-chemical impulses conveyed to the muscle fibers (muscle cells).

Optimum intensity work-out

Science Goals

By setting electrostimulation intensities that are suited to the targeted muscle group (ie. achieve a comfortable visible contraction), you will achieve an optimum intensity workout - something difficult to achieve through voluntary contraction.

Beauty Goals

With regular use, depending on your starting point, noticeable results can be achieved within weeks or even days!

A firmer, tauter, more lifted looking face and neck will be yours.

The benefits

Science backed beauty

A highly effective personal face-training device that is professional grade and FDA-cleared for its efficacy and safety.

During usage, you’ll feel your muscles contracting in a synchronous rhythm, similar to a facial massage. The device targets and strengthens the underused muscle fibers of your face; tightening and toning them into shape.
The result: Improved facial tone, Contour and Definition.

EMS vs. Microcurrent

''Nothing can increase muscle size but an active workout and electrostimulation.''

Dr. Andrea Paolorosso, Surgeon and Specialist in Dermatology

Dr. Andrea paolorosso

Hear it from an expert

Dr. Andrea Paolorosso took a degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1980 at Padua University, later specializing in Dermatology and Venereology at Bologna University in 1983. He has been involved in Cosmetic and beauty Medicine for many years, collaborating with journals of this sector and holding training courses both in Italy and abroad.

– Dr. is a lecturer in dermatology in professional beautician schools since 1993

– Headmaster of the refresher course in Cosmetics of the University of Camerino

About Dr. Paolorosso

Dr. Paolorosso comments that all microcurrent facial therapy is not equal:"Devices that use a microcurrent that runs only along the skin surface and diffuses very slightly into underlying muscle affect only the skin’s surface and microcirculation. As for an aesthetic outcome, this microcurrent causes a sudden but temporary edema so that the treated area looks firmer. As soon as the microcirculation gets back to normal, however, the treated area returns to its original condition."Electrostimulation is not a “miracle cure” but a workout specifically designed to recapture muscle toning and volumizing!''“In order to obtain a firmer face, it is not sufficient just to maintain the muscle and momentarily plump up the face; it is necessary to recover, or even better, increase the muscular field which has been lost. Nothing can increase muscle size but an active workout and electro stimulation.”

About the future

"I believe therefore that new devices like TUA Face Fitness using electric currents restore volume and vigor to supporting muscles, while on the other they help to tauten the skin, facilitating the metabolism and stimulating circulation. Their use in the home permits a regular and even enjoyable practice of “skin training” that promises to give lasting youthfulness to the face."


3rd Party Clinical Study

14 female subjects aged between 38 to 52 years

We picked 14 subjects to test electric stimulation of facial muscles. Our goal was to conclude if TFF PRO is able to improve the tone and appearance of the muscular and subcutaneous tissue.

3 times a week for three weeks (a total of 9 sessions per person), their facial muscles (orbicularis oculi, orbicularis oris and major zygomatic) were stimulated so as to obtain visible contraction. In the same sessions, contraction of the following muscles was performed:
– 5 min. each side right and left upper cheek areas
– 5 min. each side of right and left lower cheek and nasolabial fold areas
To ensure that the muscles were always stimulated in the same positions, the unit was applied to the muscles under medical control. The intensity was decided by each patient until she felt the stimulus and caused contraction which the doctor could see.
Ultrasound and photographs were taken right before and after each treatment.

ULTRASONOGRAPHIC – In an ultrasound test, the muscular tissue of a normal subject shows a uniform distribution of echoes at average intensity, with visible parallel striations which make up the muscles tertiary fasciae. The normal average thickness of the zygomatic muscle is 3.5mm.

PHOTOGRAPHIC – For accuracy, subject faces were positioned on a chin-rest and the camera tripod was firmly mounted on a table with the same distance and lighting throughout.

This test was able to state that the treatment of facial muscles with electric stimulation is safe and painless and even just three weeks, is able to improve the tone and appearance of the muscular and subcutaneous tissue. It can be expected that longer (or even continual) treatment, such as that which can be carried out at home, would have greater, longer lasting results, using effective painless stimulation to fight the regressive phenomena of the subcutaneous-muscular complex which in conclusion are to be blame for the anti-aesthetic “wrinkles”.

Our power is numbers

Results after 3 weeks

90 %
Overall healthier looking complexion
80 %
Improvement in facial lift and tone
75 %
Improved muscular tone & increased thickness
75 %
Find treatment to be pleasant

How does EMS compare to others?

EMSMicrocurrentLED MaskMicroneedling
At home usage
Moves muscles
Tones and lifts face