Beauty lies muscle deep!

There’s a point where adding fillers begins to do more harm than good.
There’s a point where with continuous and prolong use of injectables you can permanently atrophy the facial muscles.

Even at one or two syringes every 6 months over time, compounding interest, profound changes that are happening to the skin and the soft tissues can be very damaging.

Plump and toned muscles will require less injectables.

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Preserve your beautiful face naturally.

Changes come with time whether it’s to our world, our society or to our bodies; and our face is no different.

As we mature, fine lines start to appear, our skin loses its elasticity causing our face to sag.

Aging is natural and we love the process however we stand for graceful aging while preserving all of our face features!

We focus too much on the cosmetic, upper layer of the skin with short term gain; however, it’s the structural, deep layer, that provides the long term sustainable gain.

Here are 3 most common signs your face muscles are weak:


Your face and neck are saggy

The truth is, beauty is in the muscle tone that supports your face. There are more than 40 facial muscles attached directly below the skin surface.


You have crow's feet or perioral wrinkles

As we age, these muscles become weaker and tend to drag the skin down, making it more difficult for the face to remain firm and elastic


Your skin doesn't glow

Over time, our skin begins to accumulate dead skin cells and thus becomes bumpier. The lessening of the light reflection or “glow” is simply science since smoother skin reflects more light. Our collagen turnover decreases because we have fewer fibroblasts.

So is there any natural way that can reverse or at least slow down the aging effects?

The answer is YES.

The muscles on the face work exactly the same way as muscles on our bodies.
Facial workouts can firm and tone your face.
There’s no miracle science here, just basic proven principles that you have already known for ages.


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The principle of great looks even while you are aging is: Use your face muscles and build them. Facial fitness is good for natural well being for women and men. 

You now have a chance to choose! Choose Tua Face Fitness PRO for a sculpted, toned and revitalized face.

Meet Tua Face Fitness PRO

Tua Face Fitness PRO is a safe, painless and effective face-lift device for personal use, complying to stringent international safety standards including European Directives (CE) and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The only home use device that has 5 Frequencies for specific zones of the face.

Scientifically tested and clinically proven, Tua Face Fitness is the perfect alternative to costly and dangerous invasive cosmetic procedures such as surgery or botox.

Tua Face Fitness PRO is not just a beauty device.

A revolutionary

Personal fitness device

Clinically proven to deliver effective results

TFF PRO is not just a beauty device.

A 9-week clinical trial with 22 participants between the ages of 23-65 showed measurable improvements in muscles plumpness and volume by toning the facial muscles and minimizing the signs of aging.

1. Breakdown the adhesions of Fascia and promote blood circulation. Creates a relaxed and smooth skin effects.
2. Lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness and inflammation.
3. Scalp/Sinus Micro Therapy. Reduces eye fatigue, clear sinus, scalp and neck tension.
4. Muscles strengthening, toning and volumizing.

Meet your educator

Camlynn Tran

Camlynn Tran leads and motivates people to think of facial fitness in the same way they consider physical fitness. Her career spans over two decades with a passion for transformative beauty as an international makeup artist, spa owner and skincare specialist, and now bringing TUA Face Fitness to market with a message to raise awareness that beauty, literally, starts from within.

Having a keen understanding of trends and technology, Camlynn saw the potential for a truly effective facial fitness product long before the ‘buzz’ of micro-current
devices started to hit the market. Her deep understanding of facial physiology, along with her acumen as an accomplished businesswoman put Camlynn in the perfect position to bring a proven, innovative tool to market.

Our clients love Tua Face Fitness PRO

Val Russon, Boston
Val Russon, Boston
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“I think it may be really working! It’s easy to use; I turn it on when I am watching TV, and my face feels somehow vitalized when I am finished. I thought it was a little expensive, but I am coming to believe it was a deal.”
Michelle M., Colorado
Michelle M., Colorado
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“It works. I’m 46 and my jowls were starting to bug me. Now they are 90% gone. If you don’t use it regularly “they” will come back.”
Steve K., California
Steve K., California
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“Muscles are muscles no matter where they are, your body or your face, they response same. If you exercise them, they will get stronger, toner and tighter. Hands down it works!”
D. Morris, 57, Cambridgeshire
D. Morris, 57, Cambridgeshire
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“It’s very unusual to buy a product and find that it meets all that it claims to do so - I’m so glad I did! Many thanks to you and all your team.”
Haruko Neal
Haruko Neal
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“I do like how it works on my face, easy to use, once you kind of learn how to use it.”
Cathelyn M., New Jersey
Cathelyn M., New Jersey
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“My face feels rejuvenated and my skin looks fresh and more vibrant. My lines have diminished significantly, especially the crow’s feet around my eye areas seem to be soften up. I really love the way I look. Thank you.”
Lindsay P., Ft Lauderdale, FL
Lindsay P., Ft Lauderdale, FL
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“This is a brilliant tool, easy to use, good guide and great results. I have only had this a few days and it has improved the look of my face…. You do need to keep it up just like going to the gym! Sit ups for the face!! Brilliant!"
Linda Irvin, Monterey CA
Linda Irvin, Monterey CA
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"OMG!! I love, love, love this little Tua Face Fitness machine! It literally diminishes my dark circles and tired looking face in just a few weeks of used…"