Maintaining Facial Skin for Everlasting Beauty

Maintaining Facial Skin for Everlasting Beauty

As we binge-watch James Charles’s latest makeup tutorials and try to mimic them on our face, a thought fills the mind:

How can we get skin as flawless as this? When will the time come when we could ditch makeup products, and flaunt our own – hopefully glowing – skin for all to watch?

Unfortunately, as time passes and our skin ages; the idea of flawless skin and an uplifted face seems too far a dream to catch. 

Collagen production decreases by 1% each year, as soon as you hit 20. 

If you are thinking you’re just in your 20s or 30s and wouldn’t be affected by the woes of aging skin, unfortunately, that is not true. 

In fact, research states that the protein in your skin that is supposed to maintain firmness of skin, diminishes at the rate of a mighty 1% per year as early as upon reaching the age of 20. 

What follows thereafter is impaired functioning of the oil and sweat glands, wrinkle formation, reduced Glycosaminoglycan formation — and ultimately, sagging skin. 

Basically, all the signs that make you look in the mirror and go:

Okay. Now, I look really old. 

What we should do: Don’t wait until your face falls, and then panic. 

We know we cannot possibly stop time in its tracks, so what can we do to stop the signs of aging? 

Firstly: absolutely don’t panic. 

Secondly, and most importantly; opt for a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. This means, do not wait for your skin to begin aging, and then go an anti-aging spree. 

Do anti-aging products work? 

When we think about stopping the signs of aging, an image pops in our mind: Anti-aging cream!

But, do they work? 

Our answer: Not all of them do. 

Although there is an abundance of anti-aging products lining the shelves in the market, there is seldom information of them all working. There are a few specific ingredients that work towards anti-aging; but, finding the right set of ingredients in the right lotion/serum/cream is an entire task in itself.

A Dermatologist in NYUMC, Dr. Elizabeth Hale also agrees, stating even though there is an abundance of such anti-aging products, it is a difficult feat indeed for doctors and patients alike to figure out the product that works for each individual.  

What if we told you, you can ditch such gimmicks and dilemmas in preventing aging, and go for a natural, guaranteed way to look your younger, and radiant self? 

The cure to aging is within us, we need only tap into it: The Facial Muscle Workout

Our face’s structure lies on a bed of muscles. To be exact – 43 muscles. However, most of them are seldom used. 

Consider it like this; we rarely exercise our facial muscles a lot. So even if we smile; we’re only working 17 muscles – not even 50% of our total muscles. 

Thus, a way to revitalize your skin and prevent signs of aging is to activate your facial muscles. 

Exercising your face really helps. 

A study conducted to discover the relationship between facial aesthetics and muscles restraining workouts found that facial exercises – as simple as a wide smile – help fight against aging as they enhance the muscle functions and strengthen them.

In addition, a face workout is also thought to bring about the following benefits:

  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Tightens the facial skin – giving you a beautiful, taut look
  • Takes away wrinkles
  • Enhances blood circulation, thus bringing oxygen supply to the muscles - leading to glowing, radiant skin 
  • Anti-aging effects!

  • What are a few facial exercises you can try?

    Now that you know the benefits of facial exercises, you must be as curious as me, to try them and discover whether they really work or not. 

    Here’s a few you can try:

    1. For well-defined cheekbones: Take 2 fingers of each hand and place them over each cheekbone. Lift the skin and open your mouth to form an ‘O’. Hold the position for a few seconds and continue about 10 times. 
    2. For uplifted eyebrows: Press 2 fingers of each hand above each brow. As the fingers press into the skin, lift your brows, and bring them back down. Continue repeating the action about 10 times. 
    3. Tightening the neck: Press your tongue to your mouth’s roof. Tilt your face upwards, look up, and swallow. Repeat the action for approximately a minute.

    Unfortunately, while these exercises seem simple, they can become a hassle to do, especially if you lack the time and motivation (or are busy binge-watching Emily in Paris on Netflix). Also, they don’t bear fruit as quickly as we would desire. 

    Luckily, there’s a way out. An all-natural way to simply embrace what we already have – our facial muscles – and work them for a non-invasive facelift:

    The TUA Face Fitness (TFF) device. 

    Microcurrent + EMS Technology for the win! 

    TUA Face Fitness comes equipped with the increasingly famous microcurrent + electrical muscle stimulation technology. For those who still don’t know what this is:

    Microcurrent includes sending tiny electrical signals throughout the skin by carefully placing tiny electrodes on predesignated regions. EMS is a more thorough version of this as its signals go deep within the skin to contract the muscles underneath.

    What does this mean? The TUA Face Fitness is like your own personal mini-workout machine! 

    Don’t believe us? Hear it from the esthetician of the Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr. 

    Ildi Pekar expresses her approval for microcurrent as she states the mild signals sent into the facial skin help contract muscles and tighten skin. In fact, she calls the microcurrent technology as a “personal trainer”, and one of the most effective and efficient ways to see quicker results!  

    Work out your face with the TUA Face Fitness!

    The device comes equipped with 5 programs, designed to target specific areas. From jowls to cheeks, forehead to under-eye, and neck – it works the facial muscles underneath all, by only using water for conductivity. 

    No need for anti-aging creams. Simply purchase the TFF firming device and wand/s, have water ready, and recharge your face for glowing, radiant skin. 

    The lifting and toning of the skin and muscles by TFF enhances muscle volume, complexion, minimizes double chin, and tightens your jawline to give you an all-natural facelift. 

    Begin your anti-aging journey from the start. Be proactive. Choose TUA Face Fitness.

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