The Crossover of Beauty into Fitness: A Male’s Perspective

The Crossover of Beauty into Fitness: A Male’s Perspective

From teenage to adulthood, the aesthetic journey of a man throughout life goes through many changes. Hair styles, beard grooming, fashion choices, and fitness desires – are only some of the many elements that continue to change and grow with time. 

But, there is another important element of our aesthetics that changes with time: our Skin. 

Skincare for Men Today

Truth be told, I did not pay attention to skincare routines earlier in life. “A rugged look is what makes a man” – my friends and I thought.   

But the clock stops for no one, and eventually we discovered that every other element we so cared about – from beards to fashion to fitness – was actually interrelated with skincare. 

Let’s consider it this way: a man who is a fitness-enthusiast, maybe even a gym trainer, and dons the trendiest of clothes may look older than he is – simply because he didn’t take care of his facial skin. 

What does fitness mean, then? 

Of course, as a man, when we hear the word “Fitness”, a few words pop in mind:

  • Biceps 
  • Six Pack Abs 
  • Great Build 

But is this really what fitness means? Would a six pack and broad build look great for a man, who let’s say, has droopy eyes and a heavily wrinkled face? 

Does not seem to fit in the “fit” category now, does it? 

That’s because fitness isn’t all about the body. It is about muscular strength and structure, and that includes our face too! 

Facial fitness: the key to good looks 

Isn’t it more manly and sexy when a man has a great face, along with a great body? 

The key to good facial physique is the muscles underneath – 43 muscles to be precise. These muscles act like a mattress to your face’s structural bed. And a good mattress, always means better sleep! 

Unfortunately, with time, a mattress is bound to sink in and slide. That’s exactly what happens when males age, and their facial muscles atrophy; resulting in changing facial looks.

Do men age? 

Of course, now that we see men like the evergreen David Beckham gracing our television screens, we men might think aging is no issue. 

At least, it doesn’t affect us – does it? 

Unfortunately, we’ve got news for you, boys. While aging for men does come in later in life than for women – it does come in! Unless you’ve got some magic up your sleeve to turn into a Beckham; aging is something you have to be prepared for, and will begin showing in your facial skin as soon as you hit 30!

What happens to our skin when we age? 

The skin of men is different than women. It is thicker and oilier. This is because it is dependent upon the hormone Testosterone, and it is Collagen and Elastin that promote skin elasticity and structure. 

While testosterone levels remain high immediately post-puberty, they begin declining about 1% per year when you cross the 30 year mark, and speeds up after 40. In addition, Collagen levels also fall with age.   

As a result:

  • Skin elasticity reduces
  • Wrinkles appear on the face 
  • Eyes appear puffy
  • Facial skin gets saggy
  • In short: you look in the mirror and immediately think,

    Am I dreaming, or do I really look like an old man now? 

    You begin to consider an age-defying facelift.

    No man wants his face to fall before his prime (or even after his prime, really). From wrinkles to crows feet, furrowed brows to fine lines; whether you get them at 30 or at 60 - nobody likes it. 

    Perhaps this is why men today have begun to understand the importance of skincare. When we go to the market, there is an entire separate section for male skincare, and its almost always filled with inquisitive men questioning the salespersons about – “What can give me a younger look?”. 

    While some turn to anti-aging creams, it seems a greater amount of men have turned to cosmetic surgeries for their aging woes too. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the increase in men going for plastic surgeries – treatments like botox, fillers, facelifts, etc. – amounts to a whopping 20%

    Unfortunately, going under the knife for a facelift has a fine print for men. From heavy bleeding to complications like hematomas, the thicker skin for men means a surgery can go amiss. 

    The Next Best Alternative: A Non-Invasive Facelift  

    No matter how much we wish to defy age, our health comes first. Thus, with complications in cosmetic surgery a great possibility, there is another option to defy age:

    A microcurrent electrostimulation powered device: The TUA Face Fitness (TFF).

    By sending tiny electric signals deep within designated points of the body, the signals stimulate the large proportion of unused facial muscles (out of the 43), to contract, tighten, and essentially – fix your facial bed. 

    A mini-workout machine for your face, the device comes with wand/s, 5 designed workouts, and needs only water for conductivity. Let the wand glide over your face and witness noticeable change. As the devices increases blood circulation to your face:

    • Your double chin disappears
    • Jowls are tighter 
    • Eyes aren’t droopy anymore 
    • Neck is taut, and  
    • Fine lines and wrinkles disappeared! 

    In short: You immediately look and feel younger and your more confident and fitter self! 

    TFF is the way to go. 

    Taking away our aging worries, TFF brings back the youthful fitness glow to our face by giving us a well contoured and chiseled face, that invokes our manliness from within. 

    Choose fitness. Choose success. Choose TFF. 


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