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The aging of our face and body is inevitable, although how we age is now under our control. Over time, the collagen, elastin, and fatty layers within our face naturally decline. This results in a loss of volume as our facial skin becomes droopy and sags, leaving us with hollowed looking skin and folds.

TUA Face Fitness utilizes safe and effective electrostimulation to keep your facial muscles active and rejuvenate your appearance. Our device is designed to deliver the optimal sine-wave electro muscle stimulation current which activates precise deep muscle exercises underneath your skin. During usage, you’ll feel your muscles contracting in a synchronous rhythm, similar to a facial massage. The device targets and strengthens the underused muscle fibers of your face; tightening and toning them into shape. The result: improved facial tone, contour and definition.

There are three main competitive advantages that set TUA Face Fitness apart from any other product on the market:

  • Microcurrent and electro muscle stimulation technology that provides deep muscle strengthening
         and lifting effects for faster, longer-lasting results.
  • TUA Face Fitness is the only handheld device available to implement five different frequencies for five different     
          areas of the face and neck, based on muscles density and thickness – precision delivery at its best.
  • Water is all that’s needed for conductivity. No costly or messy gel required – perfect for sensitive skin!


Tua Face Fitness is a complete micro-current electrostimulation (EMS) device for specifically treating the face.

Tua Face Fitness feature a special patented electrode wand for positioning on the various facial areas and the neck. The output generates a sinusoidal type micro-current at special optimized frequencies designed to provide the best results and the most comfortable stimulation of the delicate facial muscles.

The workout programs are completely pre-programmed with specific parameters such as stimulation frequency, pulse width, contraction times and recovery times; only the stimulation intensity of the micro-current has to be regulated.
This edition is exclusive to the Tua Face Fitness and has several advanced features including:

  • Adjustable micro-current intensityThe stimulation intensity of the micro-current can be quickly accelerated up or down by continuously pressing on the up or down arrows (rather than at single intervals).
  • Automatic memory functionWhen the intensity of the micro-current has been adjusted up or down during an exercise, this intensity is recorded in the program’s memory function while the device is still switched on. This is useful if you are repeating a program or switching sides between programs. For example, if you adjusted the intensity for Program 1 (cheek bone) on the right side of your face then finished that program and wanted to move to the left cheek bone, the device would record your chosen level of intensity so that you could start the program on the cheek at the same level.
  • Silent Use Mode: To avoid disturbance to others while using Tua Face Fitness, the silent use mode can be activated to stop the beep sound emanating from the device.