Tua Face Fitness

TUA Face Fitness 1 Wand Set


Tua Face Fitness optimizes with 5 levels of pre-programmed exercise according to muscle thickness and density - targets, contracts and builds up the deep, hidden, less-used muscle fibers of your face - tightening them back into shape.

Simply moisten your sponges with water, set your intensity level and place your wand where you want to start treatment.  You can feel your TFF working!


TUA Face Fitness features 5 workout programs that can be quickly navigated on the screen:

PROGRAM 1: Cheekbones

Position on the cheekbone area as far as the area in front of the ear

PROGRAM 2: Lower Cheekbones

Position on the lower cheek (jowl area) from the corner of the mouth to the jaw.

PROGRAM 3: Forehead

Position on the temporal region and the forehead in general.

PROGRAM 4: Chin - Lower Lip, Jaw Line & Neck

Position on the chin and all around the mandibular arch (lower jaw bone). The same program is also used to work out the neck muscles and lower lip.

PROGRAM 5: Under Eye Area

Position on the under eye area and on under eye bags


  • 1 TUA Face Fitness Device
  • 2 Facial Wand
  • 6 or 30 Replacement Sponges
  • 1 Water Bottle
  • 4 AAA Batteries
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Instructional Manual, CD and pouch


The sponge contact must always be moistened with tap water and kept in good contact with the skin. If they are not adequately moistened, they tend to insulate the pulses and not conduct them. The steel electrodes must never come into direct with the skin. Do not immerse the device in water. Do not moisten the sponges with any liquid apart from normal tap water. Do not moisten the sponge contacts directly from the tap; always use the water dispenser bottle provided. High intensity workouts are not recommended before bedtime. Keep out of the reach of children.


  • Pathological facial conditions
  • Pacemakers
  • Metal pins and plates
  • Neurological disorders including epilepsy or multiple sclerosis
  • Weak psycho-physical condition
  • Broken or bruised skin
  • Large protruding atypical moles
  • For external use only

When in doubt, consult your doctor.